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Good Morning May 14th, 2017 – Happy Mother’s Day!!!

What a beautiful Mother’s Day!  Too bad Heloise had to work today.  She would have loved meeting Golden Boy!  A immature male humming bird who fluoresces Gold in the sunlight!  Red Beard was pouting in the Mesquite Tree I snagged a few shots but he was so underexposed that raising the shadows became too noisy to share.

When Golden Boy was showing off at the feeder and posing for picture Red had, had enough and put an end to that.  He’s been getting fat.  It will be good for him to have a male to compete with.

I noticed for a sixth year in a row we have no oranges on the tree.  Unfortunately I’m not certain if the birds are snagging them when they are just a few weeks old or if they just didn’t pollinate.  In years past I noticed birds so that is my opinion.

On the bright side the Pomegranate tree has it’s first fruit this year.  Way cool.  We have some tomatoes just turning color so soon will be munching on a fresh picked tomato.  I am getting some seeds started tonight or early tomorrow morning so will update with some seedlings soon.

Good Morning May 12th, 2017

Was a beautiful morning to be outside.  One of the last before we hit triple digits and it becomes too hot to be out much after dawn.  Played with a Nikon D7200 and Nikon Auto 55mm f1.2 lens.  It is an oldie but very good.

Image of a dove on top of light pole.
Dove on top of Light Pole waiting for some more snacks!
Image of Wood Pecker on Mesquite
Wood Pecker on Mesquite
Image of humming bird named Red Beard
Red Beard is such a show off! Loves posing for the Camera
Image of Humming Bird named Red Beard
Red Beard is mature already!
Image of Palo Verde Flowers in Bloom with Mr. Bee
Palo Verde Flowers in Bloom with Mr. Bee

Good Morning Sunday March 19th, 2017

What a beautiful morning.  The only distraction was the Cochise County Sheriff’s Helicopter flying maybe 150 feet above the house.  It feels so good to be outside now.  It won’t be much longer until it will be too hot to get out around 10 AM.

Image of Oleander buds
The Oleanders are starting to bloom!
Image of White Oleander Flower
Oleander Flower
Image of hummingbird
Ruby was out this morning welcoming Sunrise!
Image of hummingbird.
Good Morning Ruby!

Good Morning September 21st, 2016

Morning started around 6 AM today.  The sun will only sleep so long and I had to go rouse the morning out of it’s slumber.  Not really but it makes me feel better about getting up so early.

The sunrise was beautiful, in the middle of the sun rise I noticed the moon was still overhead and took a hand held shot of it at 600mm with the Tamron 150-600 at 1/800th of a second.  Handheld it was a bit of camera shake but at this resolution it doesn’t show.

Red Beard, Ruby and a friend was zipping across the sky like great fighter jets battling for the freedom of mankind.  I think I was only able to catch Ruby at the feeder.  He landed on the Oleander and posed but is was so dark I had to go to monochrome.

The Doves rushed to get the rice I put out for them, but then left after they realized I was snapping pictures.  As soon as I was inside I went to the window that looks out over where I put the food and they were fighting over who gets to be king, while the peasants didn’t care and were scarfing it down hoping to finish before a king was announced.

Sat down with some coffee and spent another hour at bible study.  Now I am off to fry some bacon, make a quiche and start a pot of vegetable beef soup.

Good Morning September 21st, 2016