Picture of almost full moon.

Good Morning September 16th, 2016

Bob one of our Long Tailed Brush Lizards (Urosaurus graciousus) stopped long enough for me to get a picture before he hid in the crack between cinder blocks.  Don’t ask me how he fits in that tiny little spot.  Took some pictures of the almost full moon at Cactus Park in Scottsdale.  Snapped a couple of shots of some guys playing 1 on 1 at the hoops in High 2 mode.  It turns them black and white and very grainy.  More just playing with the mode than a serious picture.  I think with the lighting I could have done better with lower ISO.  Pray for God to steady our leaders in this time of adversity so that guys can keep going out to shoot some hoops.

Picture of a Lizard on the Wall
Picture of a Lizard in a crack of wall
Lizard in Crack
Picture of almost full moon.
Picture of the Moon on 9/15/2016
Picture of guys playing basketball.
Guys going 1 on 1 at Cactus Park in Scottsdale
Picture of guys going 1 on 1
Guys going 1 on 1 at Cactus Park in Scottsdale

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