Image of Waning Crescent Moon

Good Morning November 23rd, 2016

Woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep so went out to see if there was anything to get some pictures of.  The moon was a nice waning crescent so I snapped a few shots.  Was a bit difficult to get exposed properly.  The crescent was about 29% illumination which was causing the camera to want to over expose it in live view.  I ended up taking a number of pictures with different settings.

What ended up working the best with the Tamron 150-600mm G1 lens was F8 at 1/200th and ISO 200.  I didn’t see any extra detail at F11 and a bit more softness wide open.

Image of Waning Crescent Moon
29% Waning Crescent taken with Nikon D7200 using Tamron 150-600 G1 lens at F8, 1/200th, and ISO 200.

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