This is what I get for Nostalgia

Image of China's Robot Police
China Has Robot Police

No more than I post about finding a way to get Polaroid than I find the world is taken over by Robots that have Tasers!  China has developed a Robotic Policeman that can Taser people.  It is patrolling around the ShenZhen BaoAn airport.  Having flown through that airport many times as a cheap way to get to Hong Kong from mainland I can say that it probably wasn’t needed.  It is usually very quite and orderly.

I did notice they usually have some of the most advanced tech at the airport such as TV’s that project 3-D without glasses many years ago now.  Looks a bit like a Dalek doesn’t it.  Hmmm the Chinese Invasion of Britain 2017!  Coming to a world near you soon.

Go read the article on the Dailymail.

Wait you know what if nostalgiazing over the 70’s Polaroid causes Robots what do you think nostalgia for Buck Rodgers TV Show would cause?  Any chance that I will be abducted by hot blonde women who want to make me their King?

Polaroid 600

I was searching for Polaroid 500 film for an old Olympus Camedia I have after looking at the Polaroid Zip and Fuji Instax SP-2 printers.   When I came across Impossible Projects Polaroid 600 camera and film.  Way cool they have other models as well like the Spectra we had back in the 70s and 80s.

If this brings back some fond memories or you would just like to time travel back to a time when instant gratification took like ten minutes to develop go check it out!

Unemployed by Technology

Screen Grab of KQED story on basic income
KQED story on Basic Income

This day has been on the way for some time.  I know many including myself that have talked about it and tried to raise awareness about it within our circles.  Technology is about to replace you.  Years ago it was in the immediate future.  That day is here!  You have already seen it.  All over.

First was vending machines they seemed quaint and the Japanese totally fell in love with them in post war Japan.  Nobody took much notice, they displaced many workers but created a few to service them.  Then ATM’s popped up at banks everywhere in the late 80’s.  Most found this a great convenience to the point that ATMs have by and large replaced drive up tellers and retail bankers.  Recently I have seen banks remodeling to reduce window counters to 2 maybe 3 of which one is reserved for business clients.  Everyone cattle cars into a line to smile at a machine.

It’s been a few years but the ATM evolved into automated checkout at stores.  How many cashier positions are lost?  Walmart is about to unleash a new service where you don’t even stand in line at an automated point of sale terminal, instead you use your smart phone to scan items as you put them in your cart.  So much for your rags to riches plan of starting out as a cashier.  Or maybe it was just scrapping enough together to feed the kids.

For years Amazon has been automating it’s fulfillment operations and in general the logistics industry has spent billions in upgrading their operations to eliminate workers and replace them with automation.  Amazon and many other companies are looking at Drones and automated vehicles for filling in that last mile delivery service.

Self driving cars are a reality.  Years ago when my friend Dan and I were working on a ride share app several years before Uber we had conversations about setting up self driving service in the near future.  That day is here and Uber is doing it.

Surely some occupations will be spared right?  Doesn’t look like many.  Nurses are being replaced by robots in Japan already.  The Army and Hospitals have been developing automated medical robots for years.  They have already started performing in the field on limited trials.

Just a few years ago AI (Artificial Intelligence) was a thing of science fiction.  I bet you have used AI to make decisions more in the last week than you even did friends and family.  Whether it was Google Now, Apple Siri, Amazon Alexi, or Microsoft Cortana you most likely asked a device a question, it understood you and replied with an answer.  How many web searches did you ask Google?  How many times did you go to a web based medical system to find out if you need something or find what a friend needs?  Did a automated machine vacuum your floor, or do your dishes?

We have automated ourselves out of work.  The question is no longer if your position will be automated but when.  Unfortunately the answer is soon.  From what I see most manufacturing and service positions will be eliminated in the next decade.  Two decades if the powers drag their feet on implementing current technology let alone stuff in five years.  For those who are old enough to drive in the seventies remember those stations that were holding out and not replacing their full service pumps and staff for the new ones and charging a few pennies more for the service.  That is where we are today.  Any business who has already started automation will be pushed out of business or modernize in the next decade.

So the question is how will you feed yourself if you are unemployed?  A few days ago I pointed out that ordinances have been enacted about feeding the homeless.  I see many more hungry homeless on the way.  Coincidence?

A few years ago a friend Tom and I had a conversation about basic income I played devils advocate.  He was totally opposed because “it wouldn’t work” he said nobody would go to work they would just play games.  I pointed out at the time everyone is working even when they don’t work.  We were playing StarCraft so I used it as the example.  When you play a multiplayer game it is like a stock market.  If you don’t have enough players the lobbies are stagnate and the orders don’t get filled or the game doesn’t start.  Add a few more players and those orders get filled and the game starts.  A market is formed.  Just like in stocks you need market makers.  People who keep a market fluid and fill orders even when the market isn’t productive.  The people playing are in fact creating value for the other people playing.

We went back and forth on it I made notes I should find where I saved them.  I couldn’t convince him of the whole concept at the time.  I suspect you will have a hard time with it too.  Because the obvious issue is who pays for that basic income.  The answer really lies in who creates value today.  Who decides an hours wage is $7.50, or $10?  Who decides gaming isn’t a value while all the people involved in presenting a movie are?  Who decides that interest rates should be 3% instead of 5?  Who decides currency is gold or silver or paper?

The truth of that is man does.  We collectively by our actions decide all that non sense.  Certain people have more influence on it but it is only us we have to blame for any of those decisions or even what is of value.

It is all fiction!  Is that bar of gold worth 1200 pieces of paper with $1 printed on them?  Or is an attorney worth $350 an hour when a janitor is only worth $15?  Ironic isn’t it that a person who is going to fix your toilet is worth less than someone who is going to tell you something you already know.  The only difference is you know the janitor will fix your toilet where you “hope” the attorney will fix your problem.

The transition we face has little to compare it to.  Industrialization is probably the best example but clearly pales.  In industry we went from agrarian subsistence to specialization.  Exactly what does a world without work look like?  Do we go back to subsistence?  If so what is subsistence in 2020?  Does everyone get iPhones, MacBooks, dishwashers, robot vacuums, self driving cars, and all you can eat delivery?  Or is it just enough food, water, and space to live?  Who pays for basic income?  Do the unemployed have a right to vote?  If so they will be the largest voting block and I don’t think they will limit themselves to robotic vacuums.

More important than the basic income issue is what can those on basic income do to increase their value and have a better lifestyle?  Those who don’t have easily automated positions in the near future such as coders, marketing, managment, media jobs and those whose systems currently don’t lend themselves to automation such as plumbers, electricians, parts of the construction industry, areas of automotive etc.  What value do they have in a world where currency is near meaningless?

I end this post with a lot of questions at this point even though I have thought about it for years I am not certain they are the right questions.  The issue is that I see several paths humanity can travel.  Some are quite ugly yet look a bit more likely.  Others are grand and noble but humanities track record of altruism isn’t very good.  I will save that for another post though this one is already very long.


Sharing a comment I posted on Google+

This is a comment to a post that I wanted to share publicly since some of you might find comfort from it. Out of respect to the OP I have taken precautions to obscure their post that was shared privately. The person was struggling with how to explain a religious concept to their child in private school. My response went totally off topic unintentionally. For those who never watched Babylon 5 Brother Theo was a character who was a Catholic missionary to the space station.

God’s Irony… This post appears juxtaposed to David Wall’s screen grab of Brother Theo from Babylon 5 on my wall.

Faith is one of the hardest truths to keep. It is easy for us to get angry with God. All we have to do is look around and see a world so full of hate that police conspire to bring charges on an innocent man. That others shoot an unarmed man in the back. That governments lie to their people about weapons of mass destruction and so many other things. We hear friends or family spewing filth of every perversion, and don’t even think about the broader society and individuals we meet in public. Even religious leaders are caught in rank sin.

Our sense of justice screams why can a benevolent and just God allow such things. Before long we convince ourselves it’s God’s fault. Then we progress that since he hasn’t responded to our outrage he must not exist. So we comfort ourselves with labels such as atheism.

Some of us completely wall off our heart to the spirit. Others like myself never completely get it walled off so you feel the tug of the spirit calling you. We fight hard against it in our anger of being placed in such an unjust world. We see our own sin and push that tug away. For some of us that tug eventually brings light back into our lives. Others it only causes greater rebellion as we flee into darkness.

Everyone that reads this finds themselves somewhere in between total faith and absolute lack of it. I have never met anyone including Asians who were never exposed to Christianity, and grew up in communism that didn’t recognize God in at least the abstract concept.

You individually might find yourself more towards walled heart and rebellion if so you are under no obligation. God gave you free will to choose so.

Although if you are one of the people finding themselves tugged towards light may I provide a few scriptures.

The most important to me was Romans 3:23 and by extension all of Romans 3. Which leads you to salvation by believing 1st Corinthians 15 verses 1-4.

Then put aside some time to really study your bible. I suggest watching Les Feldick’s Through the Bible. He might be off on a few things, and the early programs struggle with cultural bias more than later ones,. But the teaching is really focused on the bible if you don’t mind a little digression, and simple mid-american rancher style. You can find his program on Ion TV, and YouTube on the EternalLifeNews channel.

Wow and to think I was only going to comment about the Irony of the post being juxtaposed to the Babylon 5 screen grab.


And the screen grab

Screen grab of G+ where on top left is a picture I shared yesterday, then bottom left a screen grab of Brother Theo from B5 juxtaposed to post I commented on that has been obscured.
Screen Grab from G+

Feed homeless go to jail?

Wow… I’m speechless honestly.  I feel a bit of anger over this as well.  Phoenix is one of 33 or 50 cities depending on news source that has enacted ordinances against helping those in need.

The premise is that if people stop feeding the homeless they won’t be homeless.  I guess starving to death counts as solving the homeless problem.  (sarcasm I can’t stop it)  The “consultants” they use to justify these ordinances basically say that if the homeless need to find resources to eat inside they will start developing a relationship that can help move them from homeless to productive.

I’m not going to belie the fact that homelessness is a complicated issue.  A homeless person is a break in the social fabric.  Most have chosen that path by their actions.  Some more overtly others passively.  Many have mental illness to some degree.  Some are simply fed up with the whole system and made a conscious decision to be homeless and not take part in the system.

Regardless on how they became homeless once there they still have basic needs.  Many know of the programs available and choose not to avail themselves.  I have personally talked with homeless people and offered to take them to any of the programs.  I was told to piss off by some and others simply declined but none wanted the assistance.  Several made it clear they wanted to be homeless.

They are happy to take a sandwich or left over food.  A few coins or bucks.  When a city puts ordinances in place to prevent people being able to help others it takes a bad situation and makes it worse.  Those people don’t all want social programs, many in my experience don’t.  If social workers can’t develop a relationship with them they have no chance of finding hope and getting better.  One of the few ways to develop that relationship is by feeding them on the street.

The more likely outcome of barring social workers is the homeless become more violent and uninhibited leading to harder crime in order to eat or feed their addictions.

Guess speechless didn’t last long 😉  If you are in one of the cities or hear that your town might take action to change / prevent these kinds of ordinances.  Even if they are well intentioned which is highly questionable they are still wrong.  Please reshare and bring positive awareness to this issue.

Image of USA Today story
USA Today and a number of other sites report of city ordinances that criminalize helping others.

PS Obviously the timing of these news stories is dubious. Right as fall starts and many are starting to look to warmer places. Coincidence I think not!

Good Morning September 21st, 2016

Morning started around 6 AM today.  The sun will only sleep so long and I had to go rouse the morning out of it’s slumber.  Not really but it makes me feel better about getting up so early.

The sunrise was beautiful, in the middle of the sun rise I noticed the moon was still overhead and took a hand held shot of it at 600mm with the Tamron 150-600 at 1/800th of a second.  Handheld it was a bit of camera shake but at this resolution it doesn’t show.

Red Beard, Ruby and a friend was zipping across the sky like great fighter jets battling for the freedom of mankind.  I think I was only able to catch Ruby at the feeder.  He landed on the Oleander and posed but is was so dark I had to go to monochrome.

The Doves rushed to get the rice I put out for them, but then left after they realized I was snapping pictures.  As soon as I was inside I went to the window that looks out over where I put the food and they were fighting over who gets to be king, while the peasants didn’t care and were scarfing it down hoping to finish before a king was announced.

Sat down with some coffee and spent another hour at bible study.  Now I am off to fry some bacon, make a quiche and start a pot of vegetable beef soup.

Good Morning September 21st, 2016

Good Morning September 21st, 2016

A few pictures from Hangzhou back in April of this year. The white doves were so peaceful even a rat came out of it’s hole. I bet it stayed hid during G20 afraid. The place was so busy with building. I would have love to have made it there for G20 to see how everything turned out.

It’s cloudy here today, and I have had to let the hummingbird feeder go dry because of the bees. So poor Red Beard and Ruby zipped up to ask me to make them some more, so I will get them some out this afternoon. I wish there was a way to give the bees something they prefer instead of hummingbird food. I doubt the bee keepers want their hives full of sugar water. The hummingbirds keep my yard nearly mosquito free as long as mom doesn’t stop by. When she is here those mosquitoes are like rockets. In fact I bet they all followed her out to OK. Back to Bible Study then on to hummingbird food.

Image of a rat eating at Lake XiHu (Westlake)
Hangzhou Rat at lake 西湖XiHu (West Lake)
Image of a White Dove
Willis the White Dove
Image of a white dove looking down from above
White Dove

Good Morning September 19th, 2016

Good Morning September 19th, 2016

The Lord rose me out of bed before the sun rise took some flash pics of the doves. Caught Tom hanging out in the Mesquite Tree. He took off afraid I was going to flashy thing him too. The moon was still hanging in the sky so while waiting for the sunrise snapped a shot of it. The sunrise was glorious. Snapped the last shot of my 35mm Film with it and then took the camera inside and gave it a through cleaning.

Remember God Loves You!

Picture of sunrise as the light just starts to break the dawn.
September 19th, Sunrise
Picture of Tom the cat running down the tree.
Tom realizing he was not hidden in the tree.
Picture of the moon on September 19th, 2016
Picture of the moon
Picture of September 19th, Sunrise
September 19th, Sunrise
Flash picture of doves
The doves having a chat about what that bright light was. (The flash)
Picture of September 19th, Sunrise
September 19th, Sunrise

Good Morning September 18th, 2016

A prayer for all those who are lost to find peace through the Lord Jesus Christ.

Psalm 32 (KJV)
Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered. Blessed is the man unto whom the Lord imputeth not iniquity, and in whose spirit there is no guile.

When I kept silence, my bones waxed old through my roaring all the day long. For day and night thy hand was heavy upon me: my moisture is turned into the drought of summer. Selah.

I acknowledge my sin unto thee, and mine iniquity have I not hid. I said, I will confess my transgressions unto the Lord; and thou forgavest the iniquity of my sin. Selah. For this shall every one that is godly pray unto thee in a time when thou mayest be found: surely in the floods of great waters they shall not come nigh unto him.

Thou art my hiding place; thou shalt preserve me from trouble; thou shalt compass me about with songs of deliverance. Selah. I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye. Be ye not as the horse, or as the mule, which have no understanding: whose mouth must be held in with bit and bridle, lest they come near unto thee.

Many sorrows shall be to the wicked: but he that trusteth in the Lord, mercy shall compass him about. Be glad in the Lord, and rejoice, ye righteous: and shout for joy, all ye that are upright in heart.

Take a moment to enjoy the beauty God provides all around us.  An Image I titled Bee in Bokeh.  Taken on Nikon D7200 with Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary Lens at 500mm.

Picture of a bee on yellow and orange flowers with a bokeh background.
Bee in Bokeh