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This is a comment to a post that I wanted to share publicly since some of you might find comfort from it. Out of respect to the OP I have taken precautions to obscure their post that was shared privately. The person was struggling with how to explain a religious concept to their child in private school. My response went totally off topic unintentionally. For those who never watched Babylon 5 Brother Theo was a character who was a Catholic missionary to the space station.

God’s Irony… This post appears juxtaposed to David Wall’s screen grab of Brother Theo from Babylon 5 on my wall.

Faith is one of the hardest truths to keep. It is easy for us to get angry with God. All we have to do is look around and see a world so full of hate that police conspire to bring charges on an innocent man. That others shoot an unarmed man in the back. That governments lie to their people about weapons of mass destruction and so many other things. We hear friends or family spewing filth of every perversion, and don’t even think about the broader society and individuals we meet in public. Even religious leaders are caught in rank sin.

Our sense of justice screams why can a benevolent and just God allow such things. Before long we convince ourselves it’s God’s fault. Then we progress that since he hasn’t responded to our outrage he must not exist. So we comfort ourselves with labels such as atheism.

Some of us completely wall off our heart to the spirit. Others like myself never completely get it walled off so you feel the tug of the spirit calling you. We fight hard against it in our anger of being placed in such an unjust world. We see our own sin and push that tug away. For some of us that tug eventually brings light back into our lives. Others it only causes greater rebellion as we flee into darkness.

Everyone that reads this finds themselves somewhere in between total faith and absolute lack of it. I have never met anyone including Asians who were never exposed to Christianity, and grew up in communism that didn’t recognize God in at least the abstract concept.

You individually might find yourself more towards walled heart and rebellion if so you are under no obligation. God gave you free will to choose so.

Although if you are one of the people finding themselves tugged towards light may I provide a few scriptures.

The most important to me was Romans 3:23 and by extension all of Romans 3. Which leads you to salvation by believing 1st Corinthians 15 verses 1-4.

Then put aside some time to really study your bible. I suggest watching Les Feldick’s Through the Bible. He might be off on a few things, and the early programs struggle with cultural bias more than later ones,. But the teaching is really focused on the bible if you don’t mind a little digression, and simple mid-american rancher style. You can find his program on Ion TV, and YouTube on the EternalLifeNews channel.

Wow and to think I was only going to comment about the Irony of the post being juxtaposed to the Babylon 5 screen grab.


And the screen grab

Screen grab of G+ where on top left is a picture I shared yesterday, then bottom left a screen grab of Brother Theo from B5 juxtaposed to post I commented on that has been obscured.
Screen Grab from G+

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