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This is what I get for Nostalgia

Image of China's Robot Police
China Has Robot Police

No more than I post about finding a way to get Polaroid than I find the world is taken over by Robots that have Tasers!  China has developed a Robotic Policeman that can Taser people.  It is patrolling around the ShenZhen BaoAn airport.  Having flown through that airport many times as a cheap way to get to Hong Kong from mainland I can say that it probably wasn’t needed.  It is usually very quite and orderly.

I did notice they usually have some of the most advanced tech at the airport such as TV’s that project 3-D without glasses many years ago now.  Looks a bit like a Dalek doesn’t it.  Hmmm the Chinese Invasion of Britain 2017!  Coming to a world near you soon.

Go read the article on the Dailymail.

Wait you know what if nostalgiazing over the 70’s Polaroid causes Robots what do you think nostalgia for Buck Rodgers TV Show would cause?  Any chance that I will be abducted by hot blonde women who want to make me their King?